Telecom companies today have evolved significantly beyond the traditional voice services, providing comprehensive fixed and mobile, voice, data, and TV services. Businesses are taking advantage of emergent opportunities. Navigating this integrated landscape and making the best use of the data collected requires a customized framework of analytic solutions. InfoFaces helps businesses leverage data and provide the right analytical solutions in the backdrop of an ever changing business landscape. With our expertise in data science we are able to provide you with the best-in-class approaches to enable scientific decision making. It helps us to be one of the leading telecom analytics companies across the globe.

Churn and Retention Predictive Models

Consumer Retention and acquisition is a major Challenge in any industry. In the Telecom industry, where churn rates are very high, it affects profitability of the company if a Consumer churns before the company can even earn back the expenses it incurred in acquiring the Consumer. There is no ‘one-model fits all’ solution to this problem, and the approach has to be tailor-made.

How InfoFaces can help?

  • Early Identification of subscribers who are more likely to Churn.
  • Identify the key factors that affect churn.
  • Identify key indicators for retention.
  • Suggest an optimal win back duration and point of no return to optimize operations.

Cross-Sell analytics helps increase the value of Consumer Relationships, enhance product penetration and increase revenue per Consumer and profitability. This information can be leveraged by Sales teams to better identify target customers, and marketing campaigns to improve their ROI.

How InfoFaces can help?

  • Identification of Consumers who are more likely to buy a particular product.
  • Identify key factors that affect cross-sell/up-sell behavior.
  • Design customized product bundling offerings based on Consumer profile.
  • Identify the Consumers who always upgrade to latest equipments and subscribe to newly launched services.
  • They can be targeted when any new service is launched.

Cross-sell / Up-sell Models

Revenue Acceleration

Based on cycle time reduction and SLA optimization, revenue can be accelerated.

How InfoFaces can help?

  • To capture the end to end cycle time, eliminate redundancies and reduce the overall cycle time.
  • Reduce the overall task time and optimize the SLA.

Lifetime value (LTV) models are a powerful tool to help businesses demonstrate the future value they can generate from marketing activities. It’s a much better approach to evaluate investment based on long-term returns from marketing activities rather than the short-term success of a single sale.For providing 100 percent customer satisfaction in USA and India, they call InfoFaces’ as the Best Telecom Analytics Company across the globe.

How InfoFaces can help?

  • To predict the LTV of a Customer.
  • LTV model can be used in designing and budgeting of the Customer acquisition program.
  • LTV output can be used along with churn scores to identify high value Customers.

Customer Life-Time Value (LTV) Model