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Social Media Analytics

As social networking continues to grow, so does the vast amount of personal information being shared through channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online forums and other social networking sites. The collection and mining of this social data has brought forth a social data revolution where organizations are able to develop a more accurate customer­centric approach to conduct business, spot trends and predict markets by leveraging public social data.

In a social media dominated marketplace, it is vital for businesses to know where their customers and prospects are and where they are spending their money. Engaging and educating customers about your company and products is one of best ways to get their attention. Customers are also changing from passive recipients to active participants who want to know about your products in a collaborative social environment. Any positive or negative feedback about your products or brands can have a ripple effect across your consumer base. Social and traditional business intelligence data can be combined for analysis that will deliver a 360­degree view of your customers, including their demographics and psychographics for sales strategy initiatives as well as for constant feedback to your every move.


InfoFaces, one of the premier social media analytics company in USA and India focuses on how social information can be used by companies through social analytics to drive market competitiveness, innovation and growth. With its holistic approach to combining structured data and unstructured data from every possible source, internal or external, InfoFaces’ social intelligence team in USA and India can help your organization hyper target customers, identify prospects and improve customer satisfaction.