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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics gives you an edge with sophisticated algorithms & data mining techniques. With latest technologies organizations can achieve agility by deriving meaningful intelligence using predictive analytics. Combining Predictive Analytics with vertical knowledge, InfoFaces brings unparalleled value that organization can be immensely benefited. From Risk Management, fraud detection, social media insight to next generation sales and marketing intelligence, predictive Analytics can help in all the key areas that a business needs improve continuously.

InfoFaces, leading predictive analytics company in USA and India, helps organizations for deeper customer analysis to answer the questions such as which products customers are buying, which products customers are most likely going to buy, customer perception about the product, how to cross sell other products to a customer, how to upsell new products to customers, how to leverage customer relationships to generate new customer, guessing customers next move, segmenting customers and predict their need, how to prevent customer churn etc.

Operational Predictive Analytics: can help to identify high impact decisions and low impact decisions so that key employees can focus on high impact decisions while automating low impact, low risk decisions.

Marketing Predictive Analytics: can customize campaigns to target a segment of the customer increasing the likelihood of buying and can further help marketing department of organizations to drive revenues and profitability, increase conversion ratio and reduce unwanted customer contacts and increasing customer satisfaction.

Predictive Analytics provide unlimited opportunities for organization to tune themselves constantly in different areas such sales, marketing, operation and compliance. It can solve many challenges such as,

  • Customer Retention
  • Employee Retention
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Security Intrusion Detection
  • Target Marketing
  • Operational Excellence
  • Overall providing untapped insight for faster growth

InfoFaces can help in all phases of Predictive Analytics such as Analytics Roadmap, Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, building Predictive Models with leading predictive modeling tools and technology.