The Client:
Premier provider of global telecommunication services across the globe

Application Review:
A single integrated application system to track,predict,send email alerts of the order details and manage their daily activities.Provides end to end visibility to Customer Care Managers and task performers of customer order progress between various teams and process workflow applications.Reduces end to end cycle time and increases revenue.

  • Challenges

    Our client needed a single integrated application (consolidated from approx. 15 telecom process/workflow systems) to track, predict and manage their daily activities that can be utilized to serve the purpose by reducing the end to end cycle time, revenue acceleration, transparency to leadership and accountability.

    Our client realized that the lack of a real-time prediction of their customer’s undertaken orders and their core depository platform was hindering their efficiency.

  • InfoFaces Approach

    InfoFaces collaborated with our client, one of the fortune 300 of global telecommunication services, to build an analytical tool for order quality management which displays overall multi-dimensional view of analytic charts through risk and predictive analytic milestone views at order level and task level.

    The entire application was automated by developing built-in logics and provided milestone view solutions which predict the task SLA and the approximate timeline for the order to complete based on the configurations that customer orders requested to our client.

  • InfoFaces Solutions

    Dashboard charts which gives an overall view of complete, inflight orders with Risk and Predictive Analytics was developed.

    Displayed product based, performer based, functional group based orders in the dashboard.

    Displayed a multi-dimensional view of charts, to provide in detail, the orders in specific classification.

    Orders classified according to current task, performer, rework orders, and top 10 performers.

    Drilldown view of orders, display Gantt chart view of task completed thus far and a timeline prediction for future tasks.

    The region wise map of customer locations with the complete, pending order details displayed in risk analytics view.

Success Factor

Process Optimization Revenue acceleration Management Transparency Accountability Near time live updates from 15 source systems. Risk Profiling Milestone Management for Executives Accelerate Decision-making Ease knowledge management End to End cycle time is drastically Reduced Several Million Savings in OPEX Task Time Reduction Increased Productivity Increased Productivity.