IT Outsourcing


Outsourcing in today’s world is seen as a strategic management option rather than just a way to cut costs. It helps corporations achieve their business objectives through operational excellence and an edge in the marketplace. Outsourcing gives the right combination of people, processes and technology to operate effectively in the Global marketplace without burdening the corporations time and budget.

InfoFaces’ IT outsourcing services can enable you to manage ever-changing technology management cycles in a cost-effective manner. Our Offshore Center of Excellence in Chennai, India has more than a decade of experience in effectively servicing global clients with quality technology solutions at cost effective budgets.

InfoFaces’ IT outsourcing services can enable you to manage ever-changing technology management cycles in a cost-effective manner. Our Offshore Center of Excellence in Chennai, India has more than a decade of experience in effectively servicing global clients with quality technology solutions at cost effective budgets.

Our solutions provide a strong base of well-defined solutions to improve processes in line with best-practice frameworks for better alignment between business and IT objectives:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Application Support & Maintenance
  • Architecture and Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile and Tablet Solutions
  • QA Services

The Internet is the only tool for faster and more reliable stream of business to market products/ services to the global market. Interactivity with good design, we believe, enhances the sheer surfing experience of website visitors. Over time, we have evolved an uncomplicated GUI sense that works well with users.

We provide our clients with strategies to make websites:

  • Look more aesthetic and eye-catching
  • Allow quick downloads and are easy to navigate
  • Supported by most browsers
  • More interactive, creative and innovative
  • Pleasant look and mind glowing design
  • Easy use of search engine spiders to index the website
  • More professional and user friendly

InfoFaces Application support analysts are highly trained in the IT Support and Maintenance as well as in evaluating the problem and paying attention to support critical enterprise systems such as web-based applications, custom-developed applications and packaged software applications. InfoFaces responds to its clients’ support issues, according to clearly defined Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) that are custom-tailored for each engagement based on the client’s requirements.

Typically, InfoFaces provides three levels of support:

First Level InfoFaces handles issues that can be resolved by a dedicated Helpdesk team, typically on a 24×7 basis.
Second Level InfoFaces’ dedicated development team performs complex and effort-intensive issues escalated above.
Third Level Involves interaction with clients’ third party software vendors to resolve issues.

InfoFaces delivers a full range of support services depending on your business requirements as well as an array of project maintenance plans. Experts of InfoFaces are ready to carry out complete application support and project maintenance for your business and can provide:

  • Web Support
  • Technical Support
  • Product performance Support
  • Software Maintenance and Support
  • Customer Training
  • Installation and upgrade services

The current market conditions require that service providers step up to help their clients overcome challenges. InfoFaces provides unbiased consulting services to help our clients use and manage IT to enable business performance. Whether the solutions are developed in-house, outsourced, or at the customer location, InfoFaces delivers a seamless approach in applying sound development and project management capabilities to your challenge.

Helping our clients determine how Enterprise strategies results in Solution decisions:

  • EA Value Proposition
  • EA Diagnostic
  • Segment Architecture “In a Box”
  • Enterprise Solution Architecture
  • SOA Readiness Assessments
  • SOA Life Cycle
  • SOA IV & V
  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Integration
  • Project Management
  • Database and Design Management

Enterprise Solution Architecture is a strategic information asset base which defines the mission, the information necessary to perform the mission, the technologies necessary to perform the mission, and the transitional processes for implementing new technologies in response to changing mission needs. Our best practices-based approach couples Enterprise Architecture with knowledge gained by implementing EA for various large organizations and projects. Our approach for each project is built upon our knowledge of Enterprise Architecture methodologies and frameworks and our ability to successfully align business needs with Information Technology. This alignment has helped our clients realize gains such as cost savings, cost avoidance, opportunities for consolidation, intra-organizational collaboration, technical standardization, performance metrics, and security integration.

InfoFaces consultants have worked on large SOA implementations for Government and Commercial clients. We have also performed Analysis of Alternatives to evaluate the best products to realize their SOA requirements. In addition, InfoFaces also provides enterprise application integration services to help streamline business processes and improve organizational performance. These services assist our clients to weave independent applications into a single virtual system, eliminating duplicate data entry, improving data quality, and improving customer support.


InfoFaces provides end-to-end services for companies looking forward to gain efficiencies around critical reporting and decision-making processes. Our BI practice focuses on the tools, processes and practices that make data available across the enterprise affecting important business drivers. InfoFaces has extensive experience in building and maintaining reporting tools and applications that provide business intelligence and strategic reporting tools. Our consultants also have experience in building Business Activity Monitoring, reporting capability for our clients. Some of the projects that we support comprise development and support of strategic reporting services spanning multiple years.

InfoFaces has helped organizations build BI systems that provide historical, current, and predictive views of the business operations. They combine data management (consolidating, organizing, cleansing huge amounts of disparate data from varying systems and platforms) with predictive analytics (data mining, forecasting, and data optimization). InfoFaces offers comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for today’s businesses at an affordable cost. InfoFaces provides clients with data warehousing, decision support, and data mining solutions to improve financial management, human resource management and support. We have the expertise, experience and partnerships to design and deliver BI solutions for small, medium and large businesses. We customize BI solutions for focused industry verticals encompassing different functions of the business.

Our services include the following:

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Quality/Cleansing
  • Business Analysis
  • Extract/Transform/Load
  • Data Standardization
  • Metadata and data inventory management

The world around us is becoming the mobile world, and this is the future. InfoFaces’ Mobile Development Solutions provide software applications for mobiles. This top of the line experienced mobiles unit gives us a competitive edge that we use to build the success of customers who trust us.

InfoFaces has been helping companies develop mobile applications for over a decade. InfoFaces can develop, deploy, test and certify your applications leveraging application accelerators for faster launch into the market. Regardless of whether your app needs to run on J2ME, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BREW, RIM/Blackberry or other operating systems, InfoFaces can help you deliver wireless apps faster, and more effectively.

InfoFaces have worked on a broad variety of projects from slick consumer apps to internal enterprise tools, from simplistic promo apps intended to support a brand to deeply complex pieces of software catering to specialized elite.

Our process begins with a conversation about strategy. Which platforms best suit your application’s target market and technical needs? What are the tradeoffs between cost and coolness? The next stage is design and development. We design the user interface and create mockups of the finished product. This eliminates any ambiguity as to what we’re working on during the next phase: coding and testing.

InfoFaces offers Mobile Application Development for Android & iOS Platform. We have a proficient expertise for creating android & iOS mobile applications, testing in a simulated environment and porting to mobile devices.

InfoFaces’ Mobile Application Development portfolio includes:

  • Web Service Integration
  • Location Based Application
  • Google Service Integration
  • Push notification to the mobile device
  • Battery Management
  • And much more…

The creation of robust applications gives our customers predictable outcomes with accountability for high performance. InfoFaces’ core values encompass an atmosphere that exudes high quality both internally and with our clients. InfoFaces has a strong team of quality assurance engineers with expertise in quality assurance and verification and validation of complex information systems.

InfoFaces professionals are involved in planning and implementing quality assurance throughout the software development life cycle to achieve a high level of consistency and stability. Our best practice-based approach helps our clients to identify issues and inconsistencies earlier in the life cycle, thereby reducing the resources and effort required. Our verification activities ensure that the system is built correctly, and our validation activities ensure that the correct system meeting all the customer requirements, are being built. These activities are essential for a holistic quality assurance process, ensuring a good quality product. If approached correctly, IV & V is a reliable and trusted way to ensure that the system is being developed as per requirements and the system is robust, reliable, scalable and built with sound industry practices. InfoFaces combines traditional structured software testing/verification with strategic assessments and recommendations to create a positive, collaborative atmosphere focused on the success of the program.