Application Rationalization


Application rationalization is a continuous journey towards technology optimization and increased business efficiencies.

The ability to quickly react to market demands and rapidly launch new products and services to meet emerging customer needs is critical to maintain competitive advantage. Redundant, isolated applications create an environment where even the smallest changes require long lead times. This makes it difficult for enterprises to quickly release new products and services to market since even small changes to business systems with many redundant applications requires long time periods and involve significant resource costs.

An effective alternative to take on the challenge of isolated applications is application rationalization. Application rationalization is the next emerging frontier of IT savings that reduces costs and improves IT agility in meeting customer requirements.

InfoFaces follows a well-defined, disciplined process to create a detailed framework that allows clients to work through the application rationalization process:

  • Decreased customer churn, improved market share and enhanced ability to enter new markets
  • Improved business agility and responsiveness
  • Reduced IT support costs
  • Improved smaller overall application footprint-with less energy, space and equipment