• InfoFaces has become a vital part of our team. They listen and customize solutions to our specific needs that help us achieve our goals. We were very impressed with the ability to quickly find over 100 employees in under a month. InfoFaces provided cost effective, high quality talent that allowed us to stay within our budget and still produce great results.

    Sr. Manager, Leading Telecom Company
  • It’s true that InfoFaces is still a small company but that has been more valuable to me because the process is more transparent and all your questions are answered in real time. You don’t have to wait for the bureaucracy of systems and approval of which most of the times makes you feel you are going nowhere with so many steps in the process. Things are simple and efficient at InfoFaces.

    Sr. Director, Leading Mortgage Company
  • Thanks to the great efforts of InfoFaces analysts! We stood various programs based on the recommendations from the analysts. Saved several million dollars by continuous improvements through business process optimization.

    SVP, Leading Internet Bandwidth Provider Company

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Our Data Scientists lead the way to enable businesses in optimizing their business processes, which would lead to efficient and effective operations and a wealth of experience. Our clients attain supremacy through a steady business transformation by adapting best practices in their respective domain.


The world around us is becoming the mobile world, and this is the future. InfoFaces’ Mobile Development Solutions provide software applications for mobiles. This top of the line experienced mobiles unit gives us a competitive edge that we use to build the success of customers who trust us.


The rapid pace of change threatens to overwhelm even the most competent IT organization. Business change requires the IT teams be flexible and agile. Market changes require a constant focus on costs and value. Information technology should improve business results.


It helps to understand Big Data by focusing on its’ three main components: velocity, variety, and volume. These correlate to how fast, how much, and how many different types of data are stored and collected within an enterprise.


In today’s corporate world, market dynamics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, increased competition, economic downturn, etc. can cause organizations to free their internal IT resources from tasks that are not core to their businesses.


The creation of robust applications gives our customers predictable outcomes with accountability for high performance. InfoFaces’ core values encompass an atmosphere that exudes high quality both internally and with our clients.


Telecom companies today have evolved significantly beyond the traditional voice services, providing comprehensive fixed and mobile, voice, data, and TV services. Businesses are taking advantage of emergent opportunities.


InfoFaces’ operations teams, analytics experts, and care management technologies place us in a unique position to offer integrated and modular solutions to the healthcare industry.


The banking and financial services industry needs to drive responsible revenue growth, extract costs to improve operating margins, and comply with complex and evolving regulatory requirements. Resources are stretched beyond capacity.


Today’s consumer is savvier, better informed and has more expectations than ever before. In fact as tastes specialize and data proliferates, today’s customers are increasingly requiring a “segment of one.”